What is Ski for Light?

Ski for Light, Inc. is an all-volunteer Colorado non-profit organization founded in 1975 that teaches the basics of classic cross-country skiing to adults who are visually-or mobility-impaired, while giving participants who have already learned the basics of the sport the chance to improve their skills or to just have fun on the snow.

All of this takes place during an annual weekend event, and is made possible by the volunteer sighted and able-bodied experienced cross-country skiers who attend as guides and instructors.The guide informs the skier about upcoming changes in the terrain and trail, offers instructional tips and suggestions, support as necessary, encouragement, and describes the countryside.

But Ski for Light is much more than a learn-to-ski program. Many come to Ski for Light with a desire to become more physically active and fit, and to find recreational opportunities that may be lacking at home. Most of the skiers discover, in the process of learning how to cross-country ski, that they can accomplish much more than others have told them, and much more than they themselves believed. They leave Ski for Light with a sense of accomplishment and motivation that carries over to other aspects of their lives.