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  • Have you ever tried cross country skiing blindfolded or with your eyes closed? As you can imagine, it would present some challenges. But those challenges can be overcome during the 2015 Colorado Ski for Light, Inc., event Jan. 23 – Jan. 25, 2015, thanks in part to the efforts of Industrial Designer, Matt Gesualdi (pronounced je-zoo-aldi ). Gesualdi is creating a tactile map/model of the trails at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby Colorado. The project, for the non-profit Colorado Ski for Light, Inc., will allow visually-impaired skiers to create a mental map of the trails they will be skiing at the upcoming event. Since there are few traditional landmarks on the ski trails, it is difficult for visually-impaired skiers to get a sense of the layout of trails and facilities. This project will allow visually-impaired skiers to navigate trails with a greater sense of awareness and understanding, resulting in increased skier confidence. Read more here (PDF – 200 KB).