Become a Ski for Light Guide

Several guides and skiers

If you enjoy cross-country skiing, you know how exhilarating a day on the snow can be! GuidingĀ a visually-impaired skier or a mobility-impaired skier is a wonderful way for you to share your joy and experience of the outdoors and to giveĀ another person the opportunity to develop his or her potential, as well as to just have a fun day on the snow.

You do not have to be an expert skier. You should be comfortable in your ability to maintain balance and control. It helps if you like to talk.

Skiers and guides are paired one-on-one, and spend the day or weekend skiing together. Some skiers are beginners and some have skied many times. They ski in parallel sets of tracks with the guide giving verbal information to the skier including instructional tips and suggestions, changes in terrain and direction, and describing the beauty of the surroundings.

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